I produced a number of front page stories for The Independent while a staff reporter there between 2016 and 2018.

I was the publication’s lead reporter for the Grenfell Tower fire, covering the public inquiry into the disaster. In this role, I wrote exclusive news stories on issues such as the number of council houses lying vacant in Kensington and the trauma both adults and children suffered in wake of the blaze. I also produced films and wrote features on the difficulties rehousing survivors of the inferno and the experiences of children at a nearby school.

Much of my work while at The Independent also focussed on gender-based violence. Data obtained via freedom of information requests exposed problems with the policing of domestic abuse and sexual assault, including the soaring front pagenumber of complaints about officers’ handling of such cases, the plunging domestic violence charge rate, and the rising number of crimes going unattended by officers.

In my time at The Independent, I also uncovered issues with the Government’s criminal compensation scheme for victims, placing survivors’ stories at the centre of my reporting by interviewing victims.

Some of my investigative work explored the government’s refugee resettlement programmes. After discovering the Home Office had banned refugee children with disabilities from entering the country on one scheme, I probed how many refugees with disabilities had been taken by different councils across the UK. I found that although around 22 per cent of Syrians displaced in Lebanon and Jordan had disabilities, only 5 per cent of those the UK accepted were disabled. I demonstrated these findings with charts and interactive maps.